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thats amazing keep going!

she got stuck. kkkkkkk

Amazing Game!! So much Fun!!! 

Gameplay  não comentado (uncommented gameplay!

Thanks for making this game! Merry Christmas!

Im not playing this again, should have told me about the jumpscares

Just kidding it just really scared me, thought i was sneaky hiding by the door then she opened it walked, didnt notice me until she walked back

Awesome Game but too short 4/5. :)


monster keeps getting stuck on door and cant move can you fix?

I am so addicted to  this game, but its not a clicker!
I have played this game so much (20 times) but cant get enough!
Lets get another scream jam for part 2?





if you open a door and hide behind it the monster cant get you.

A mistake i wish i never made.

I fricking love this lol

So scary and thrilling! >:D

Pour les Francophones !

good game

i had a heart attack when playing this lol

Being a fan of Consistency 3D’s games already, I thought this one would be perfect to play for obvious reasons. Like the developer’s other games, I had a blast with it. Now, the sooner I get a One-Way Ticket Ep.3, the better I’ll feel about life. 

when she finds me and trys to kill me i when under a table and she got stuck

I really enjoyed playing this game.

Happy holidays

SKIP TO 3:55!!!


I actually had several problems playing this game. The audio kept stuttering and, the lady kept getting bugged running into the door. Then I had an issue where the camera wouldn't turn left for awhile. These bugs only happened in the downloaded version when I play the game in browser everything works as, intended. The game is really fun. It got my heart racing as, the fast decision survival horror is a shock. I'd love to see what you would do with a project like  this that wasn't pressed for time for a game jam.

Thank you, we really appreciate it! Yes, the armory engine is only on version 0.6, so it might not have been the best choice for us, at least for the load times and the audio stuttering. The AI running into the door was definitely our bad, we thought we fixed that!

We appreciate the review and the let's play!


Fun little game!

My channel (link opens in new tab)



IE lol


she has to be one of the creepiest enemies ever!! and i mean the creepiest! XD great job on making this game :D 

Another enjoyable Horror Game!! I really enjoyed the concept and it could be extended much further! (extended game coming soon maybe?) XD The skeleton creature and use of sound effects really had me hooked! I'm not too sure what the ending meant, but maybe a hint at something I didn't pick up on? Thanks Consistency for creating an awesome game!


Very entertaining game! Got spooped few times. Also she got stuck few times on door. Still anyway fun game, concept is simple but it works on this game! 


Cool Game,  Simple fun gameplay. love hiding under the table and seeing those beautiful legs :P   Thanks for the Game : Here is quick gameplay  Thanks for the support :P

Thank you for the response, we really appreciate it, and fantastic work on the video too! We'll keep 'em coming and we hope you do too!

Cute, Simple, and Scary. It's a good short experience, the actual scare is effective, and the game is well made for a game jam game. Only ran into one moment of weirdness where the creature wasn't able to catch me while I was under a table even though it was tracking me, but eventually it lost interest I guess and left me be. Thanks for the game!

Thank you we appreciate it! Thanks for making a let's play, we loved it!

This is fantastic! :)


Thanks, TriVoxel, I appreciate you checking it out! I look forward to seeing more work from you!