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I really enjoyed this game, great job :) xx

Thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game! ^v^

i used firefox on windows to play it lol

It's better now

Another cool episode. Waiting for Episode 3 now... EPISODE 3.... NOW ! :)

I really enjoyed the story in this game and also thought the characters were interesting. I especially liked Mr. Rumpelton and the view of the whole town from his office. Additionally, I like getting happy endings in horror games so I’m also glad that there were multiple ending! 

when's episode 3 gonna come out and if it does please put siren head in it

Played at 8:53. What a great sequel to Part 1!

You improved so much from the first game. The narrative was brilliant and the horror...just check out my video for yourself. I've never been on the line of being terrified, but also laughing! The noises those people made really got me.

Fantastic game it'll stick with me.

Check out my video.

Amazing improvement from a great Part 1! There might be a cameo somewhere... 

The chicken looked like it was sucking an invisible glizzy 💀

Pt 1 Was The BEST Game Ive Ever Played!Pt 2 Was Also Fun

This Game Was So Good, Really Enjoyed Pt 1 and 2 XD


I will be playing this live 5/30 around 4:30-5 EST.


Excellent jeu! Allez jeter un oeil a ma video ;) 


Love both episodes so far and can't wait for an episode 3!


Nice and creepy.  Like the reference to Episode 1 btw ;)


hi, big thx for episode2 . very creepy. greetings from rosti 👍😘


I loved this game.  The calm background music, the little town, the sinister vibes of the soda company.  The scares are great too, not just a cheap jump scare.  Would definitely like an Ep. 3!


Fun and creepy at the same time. Good game!


Such a spooky game! Loved the uncomfortable smiles on the characters faces that quickly turned to monstrous ones! Such a great twist at the end too! 


30:29 is where I play this game. Oh man... so, I loved episode 1 so much, that I actually made this a 4 spooky games video instead of my regular 3, haha. I saw episode 2 was out and HAD to play it immediately! Super great work and wow does this one escalate from the last one- I hope to see more games from you, because these are really awesome.

Yeah this was to hard when it got to the forest trail?

please fix i want to do a speed run

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I dont care nobody say that owner of Red Cream Soda is creepy AF and its fault too but I enjoy playing the game it was good. 

I loved the game so much!!!

It's pretty funny that if you don't click space when Kate attacks you, she just wiggles back and forth while screaming and never actually moves other than that.

That gave me a heart attack!


Interesting Indie Horror Game! Keep it up! We are looking forward to play Episode 3! 👌🏻

wht the fuck did i just play


So technically, I am killing people because I am crazy, right

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the first jump scare got me so good i was so terrified that i smacked the shit out of her with the umbrella lmao.


I like it, it isn't scary at all, but is fucking funny.   Keep it up.


Oi, Keep Working on the next Episode, You're gonna do great.


I loved this, this was a really good short story for this game, I also loved the chicken easter egg. Keep working, you will continue getting better with every game you make!


Check out the video for gameplay. Sorry for the audio quality had trouble with it. 

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how what happened 

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Amazing game i'm waiting for part 3 !

What game engine did you use ?


I could clearly say he used Godot game engine

make it less laggy

Yes, that was my bad for using GLSL 3.0 for the web version, I think I'm more confident I can make it look fine with GLSL 2.0. That will make it run full speed.

I'm currently writing a virtual machine for the engine to write the next episode in a different programming language, but I'll have a new one out soon, and I appreciate your input!

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this game was fun and weird it had a crazy twist the first one was not 2 bad  i posted both links if u would like 2 enjoy them the first link is Ep2

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