Just a small aesthetic tech demo of the Armory Engine. 

The controls are Escape to reset the camera and free up the mouse, Left Click to re-focus the camera controls, and Right Click to just reset the camera.

The music is Main Menu by Synectis Internet Services from his album Surfing the Net. Be sure to check him out, he's a great musician.

My brother and I are very happy with the engine and we absolutely recommend it to other developers!

Thanks for viewing!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, aesthetic, tech-demo, vaporwave


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Looks good. I think this is the first HTML Armory engine project I've seen on itch.io

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Yeah, I'm very impressed with how many features it has for being on version 0.5b! Networking, Navmeshes/AI, PBR, all sorts of fantastic features! I'm sure this'll be the first of many soon! Thanks for the comment!