Episode 2 has been released here


The game will be stuck loading for a very very long time if you aren't using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or I assume any other browser built on Chromium.

Chrome may also auto-mute the game. Music will be playing after you get in-game, but not at the title screen. If it's not, right click the tab at the top and hit "unmute" and press escape to free the mouse before left-clicking and capturing it again.



WASD - Move player

Space - Jump

Shift - run


This game was made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam and may end up being a continuing series. It's inspired by episodic mystery/horror series such as the Twilight Zone, however the story behind this first episode isn't all too serious.

This episode revolves around an evening shift manager closing a fast-food chicken restaurant by himself.

There are 2 endings, a true ending and a false ending. You will get the false ending if you're too slow.

All that aside, please enjoy!


Kraftwerk - The Hall of Mirrors

FesliyanStudios.com - Fear

and when you're done, don't forget to play the next episode!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(179 total ratings)
Tags3D, Horror, low-res, LOWREZJAM, PSX (PlayStation)


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This was one of my very first itchio game experiences, way back when. Decided to play it along a bunch of other games on this stream:

Thanks for the good memories, keep up the good work!

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make the soundtrack on youtube ep1 and 2

when will chapter 3 be out for this game


i think I got a virus trying to play this 😛🤞

when will chapter 3 and 4 be out

what's up with the camera like the whole thing i'm just trying to keep the camera up so i see/move

Weird, fun, confusing. Very good. 

fun horror short game! well done.

Muy divertido. Nada mejor que huir de un pollo para hacer correr la sangre.
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The loser below me is a virgin😂😂😂😂😂



I posted this comment underneath a bot comment

So yeah

(1st game) very short and funny, i liked it :) x

The giant chicken was unusually terrifying.  Also, the background music in this game was incredible!


Objective: ESCAPE

Me: *Runs toward creepy chicken person*

Me: "Oops"

me to

Very fun game jajajja I laughed a lot playing it

lol very fun game .  I wish you had put in  a second , Stay alive ending lol Your game is last and starts at 07:47 

Great Game!


I Was Just Tryna Work My Shift Smh

The chicken is Creepy Ahahahah

oh man i didnt realize ep 2 was out! 

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




I seriously found this game to be funny and reminds me of some of my favorite 80s cheesy horror movies. XD Fun to play!

The last jumpscare with the chicken was crazy! Great Game!


que final mas  raro xd

Like being in an episode of Family guy !

Great stuff. Will put up Episode 2 later. Will there be an Episode 3 ?

Scary chicken man go BOK

The giant chicken was unusually terrifying.  Also, the background music in this game was incredible!

The True Meaning of “You are what you eat” haha. I had a blast playing and really loved the unsettling chicken man. 


i screamed when the chicken chased me XDDDD


wheres the 3rd trash lmao

Game play não comentado!

Played at 5:20. What a terrifying Chicken! Even made the thumbnail.

I hate getting chased in games so this really hit a nerve for me.

Check out my video.

Oh how the tables have turned...The feeling of being watched is so spooky!

Chickentastic!!! A nice funny little game I enjoyed it a lot can't wait to try ep. 2! 

it h
it honestly reminded me of happys humble burg bag burl barn farm barn place game at first, but it has a funny charm to it which i appreciate. 3rd game, watch if youd like. i put a lot of time into my channel. thanks!!!

I'm using firefox on Linux and runs nice. Firefox version is


The Cutest Game..OH ITS HORROR?



Comments below clip;

I've seen a chicken defend her chicks against a snake [and succeeded]. I've seen a chicken kill a rat [one blow], so I don't have any problem believing a chicken can be ferocious. However, in the animal world, if something goes after you, you go after that something. So I went after the chicken when it was about to go after me. Bad ending, yes, but I was still standing until the end :o]

Thanks for making the game. I enjoyed it.

Secret end??? BTw loved your game
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