Episode 2 has been released here


The game will be stuck loading for a very very long time if you aren't using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or I assume any other browser built on Chromium.

Chrome may also auto-mute the game. Music will be playing after you get in-game, but not at the title screen. If it's not, right click the tab at the top and hit "unmute" and press escape to free the mouse before left-clicking and capturing it again.



WASD - Move player

Space - Jump

Shift - run


This game was made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam and may end up being a continuing series. It's inspired by episodic mystery/horror series such as the Twilight Zone, however the story behind this first episode isn't all too serious.

This episode revolves around an evening shift manager closing a fast-food chicken restaurant by himself.

There are 2 endings, a true ending and a false ending. You will get the false ending if you're too slow.

All that aside, please enjoy!


Kraftwerk - The Hall of Mirrors

FesliyanStudios.com - Fear

and when you're done, don't forget to play the next episode!


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OWTEp1Windows.zip 34 MB
OWTEp1Linux.zip 35 MB
OWTEp1Mac.zip 35 MB


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Chickentastic!!! A nice funny little game I enjoyed it a lot can't wait to try ep. 2! 

Ive played it 4 times already ISTG


Full Playthrough Posted to my Tik Tok.

this was the best horror game here it gives the creepy vibe at 3 am restaurant like bruh more horror than ever

【One way ticket 單程票 & Urbex 恐怖探索】 在快餐店下班時遇見大雞雞,感覺很美味的大雞雞

I loved it!!

Lol I didn't even tried to run away...

I like how you put the chicken Easter egg in ep2

I didn't even see the escape task and just decided to run right into the chicken lol

Great game! Awesome experience overall. I am just in awe as to how this game is a free to play browser game.



This was...oh my gosh I wasn't expecting the chicken! That was pretty spooky! I look forward to playing Ep. 2! 


Great game, appeals to a real fear i have :)

This was a really cool game to play and experience. I would have liked it the game used non-copyrighted music but other than that I really enjoyed this game!

i'm on chromebook and it ain't letting me load. my chrome just crashes and it says i can't play it because link file has died. now, it's pissing me off. help


Then it's your Chromebook's fault.

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm on chrome but it keeps saying not responding

it could be because I'm on chromebook :P

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click wait and then wait and then it should load, I'm on Chromebook too so I know from experience

thank you!

where is the safe?

It's in the back, you have to squeeze past the mop bucket!

Thanks for playing!

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Really funny and short horror game! We enjoyed it a lot! Keep it up! 👌🏻

short but yet effective this was pretty scary and I enjoyed it overall. I play this on a random horror games 

Check out a fellow content creator peeps!

Quick pros/cons to devs:


Love the short retro-styled gaming style


Get free legal assets for music. YT is cracking down on copyright claims so the majority of creators who have played this game previously may not know that they have a claim. If they're monetized --- they're now demonetized.

Besides that. I really enjoyed the game and WILL play part 2.

Chickentastic!!! A nice funny little game I enjoyed it a lot can't wait to try ep. 2! 

really good!

welp this sucks i cant play

and im useing chrome

cool game but i just wish you could move a bit faster!!

9/10 because of the copyrighted music, my video has been blocked in a few countries.

lol, me taking the cash register money to put in the safe Chicken in the window dancing me: Screaminggg



Great Game!

the chicken killed me lol.  literally, loved the concept of the game, easy to figure out yet still a bit freaky.

7:20 One Way Ticket Game

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i got false he flapped at me and i screamed 

Pretty awesome game!! I was going to play ep 2 too but it said something about a virus?

Chickentastic!!! A nice funny little game I enjoyed it a lot can't wait to try ep. 2! 


is there really a chicken guys


I got burned-

Why was that the true ending?

I mean Humans Taste Good when being Cooked ngl



I liked the False Ending-

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