Episode 2 has been released here


The game will be stuck loading for a very very long time if you aren't using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or I assume any other browser built on Chromium.

Chrome may also auto-mute the game. Music will be playing after you get in-game, but not at the title screen. If it's not, right click the tab at the top and hit "unmute" and press escape to free the mouse before left-clicking and capturing it again.



WASD - Move player

Space - Jump

Shift - run


This game was made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam and may end up being a continuing series. It's inspired by episodic mystery/horror series such as the Twilight Zone, however the story behind this first episode isn't all too serious.

This episode revolves around an evening shift manager closing a fast-food chicken restaurant by himself.

There are 2 endings, a true ending and a false ending. You will get the false ending if you're too slow.

All that aside, please enjoy!


Kraftwerk - The Hall of Mirrors

FesliyanStudios.com - Fear

and when you're done, don't forget to play the next episode!


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OWTEp1Windows.zip 34 MB
OWTEp1Linux.zip 35 MB
OWTEp1Mac.zip 35 MB


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I really enjoyed the game and was surprised at how well it did at scaring me!

Cluck The Chick Coming Through. I cant wait to play the next episode. 

This game is so awesome! While its a silly game, was scarier than I thought being chased by a chicken.

very cool and scary game

Pour les Francophones !

I found this more funny than scary, but I reckon that's the point for this one, episode two is far scarier and a massive improvement upon this, but this was a great starting point.

I did really enjoy playing it, it was short and sweet and fun, it even made me jump, just a little.

They got me screaming...my young self... on camera... being chased.. by chickens..

enjoyed this game!!!

Don't work at KFC or any fast food chain alone... The stalker or the chicken might be up for some revenge! Really awesome concept!


Mine wasnt loading i tried to delete the tab but it was laggy.

I enjoyed this game a lot and I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for the work on this. I'm really hoping for a sequel. Good luck and best wishes!

My partner and I played it together and it was fun! Nice short quick jump scare game that had us laughing and spooked at the same time. Looking forward to Part2!

I really liked this game, it is very scary and funny!

Loved it 

(1 edit)

This is the second worst chicken I've ever had chase me in my life.

I really enjoyed this! It was really creepy, and super fun

Did BOTH Parts :D Had fun editing it. 

Weekend Spooks!!
Can't say much... Just wonder if i have a good flavour??

Was a lot of fun! Looking forward to playing episode 2!

An incredibly well crafted game! I've made a cinematic version of both the episodes. And all I can say is that playing the first episode was definitely worth my time.

had me good

fun and tbh pretty scary, i got the creeps but y only problem is the fact that the game runs at like 2 frames per fucking second which pissed me off

a fuuny scary game, that is rare, good job

this is really good! 9/10 because the STUPID WORKER did not cook the chicken!

also,i have a question:what is the diffrence between the downloaded version and the browser version?


watch me get scared by both a chicken AND DUCKS... AHHHH

this game gives good spooks

Funniest game I've ever played


Well done this very generous that it's free

This is why I never took the night shift at my old job! Ladies and Gentlemen it's your boy Kevin Gamez and one way ticket EP.1 was an awesome experience for me, definitely check it out! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ

Gameplay starts at - 10:40 

Chicken please

This game is so awesome! While its a silly game, was scarier than I thought being chased by a chicken.

Watch the Gameplay for fun

I went ahead and played both of your games in one go!

I do always love what is essentially a very silly slasher story, nad this is a profoundly silly one. It's worth it for the punchline of the "True" ending alone, so kudos on that, you gave me a great laugh!

great short story! Remind me to never trust a guy in a chicken suit!

Wish it was longer but luckily threr it is a episode 2


I just HAD to play both episodes in one video. These games were really good!


you make pretty funny video bro

Thanks so much! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed!!๐Ÿ˜

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