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I think my gameplay of this guys is not late I hope you will like it thanks.

next episode of this gameee plsss...

support me in my youtube channel guys <3

I love it!

What software do you use to make your first "One-Way Ticket" game?

Didn't play this game yet but in the future will, looks like a great game!

Here is Ep 1- 

These are really cool! Played this and episode 2 in my most recent video. You can really see the growth and extra polish on the second. Hope I'm able to play the third one soon! Gameplay starts at 10:41.

Bro this game had me jumping enjoyed the first love the second cant wait for the third!!!:D

This game is such a great follow up to episode 1 (love seeing the chubby chicken, is that what he is called?). Great story, kept me guessing the outcome and damn the scares got me big time!

it was very fun game. lot to explore than eps 1

Now that was quite the upgrade from the first episode!

I liked the cameo from the first game. I was pleasantly surprised by the jumpscares. I managed to get both endings and I liked the "true" ending better. I hope episode 3 is coming soon! 

okay so ep2!!!! DOPE!! Best part was seeing how much to improved from ep1 it's cool it was nice that ep 2 had more of a story starts@15:23

ep1 @11:07

I really enjoyed this game. I definitely liked it more than episode 2 because it felt like there was more interaction with things. I am really excited to see what comes next. here is my experience with the game:

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

Both episodes were very good and enjoyable. I'll be awaiting for the third episode. 

I really enjoyed Episode 1 and this was a huge step up from that. Not many indie games have character development, but this one had that, plus a fun story line filled with twists and turns. The game also looked great and was easy to control. Then it's the little things, like having a checkpoint for those that wanted to get both endings. I really hope we get a part 3! Totally worth the half hour of playing it to get both endings if readers have time! 

This game was awesome, I died a lot off camera and still had an awesome time. I love the nod to the first game with the chicken eating at the cafe. I'm excited to see where you go from here.

this series has gone to another level.

loved the game.

you keep improving which is great.

can't wait to see more.

I'm curious, is there ANY connection with EP1 & EP2? Do they at least take place in the same universe lol? I'm loving how the story within the game is more expanded than EP1. I can see there's more of a focus on the lore, but that's surprising because it's a jam game, yk? And I also feel like it was a missed opportunity to not have the Chubby's Chicken shack and the gas station within this town! But either way, I'm looking forward to EP3, if you make it.

Great work! 

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I love this one way ticket series i hope it will last forever sorry for my english 

btw heres my gameplay in episode 1 I hope you like it support my channel by subscribing to it thanksss a lot guyss

im working with the episode 2

I love how you've got the familiarity of the style between this and the first episode but it's SO different as well! I absolutely love the sound that the zombies make, that may be my new favourite thing ever...

it froze my pc while loading!?!?(I'm using a chromebook)

YESS the continuation from the Scary Thicc chicken!! I loved this one even better than the last one!! I seriously enjoyed the soundtrack (i need a full OST of the soundtrack in this game lol) i love it so much. Whenever the zombies/monsters made those noises, it sounded like they were some Dj's mixing a turntable haha! Overall i seriously enjoyed  Episode 2! 

Fun little game! I hope you keep making more! Might be able to package them and get them to Steam for a few bucks even!

Link to my channel for more videos of mine (Opens in new tab)

i love it mate

check my simple game too please

Hey there! I've already played the first game of this series, and I'm glad to say that while changing the scope of the game ( the map is bigger, there are more characters etc.) you still managed to keep that mixture of fun and scary that made me love the first game! Kudos to you sir! 

Here's the video if you want to check it out! :D

Deleted 104 days ago

Hey, I was about to leave a comment on the game, fancy seeing you there ! :) Thank you for the shout out!

This was definately more scary than the first, a great improvment with an interesting plot. Well Done! (also i hate you because i was already naturally creeped out by elevators XD)

Amazing game, i really like what you guys are doing with these small horror games. Keep it up!

Nice secret second ending. Also incorporating the chicken from ep 1 was a nice touch. Looking forward to ep3... How many eps are planned?


Cool game I would say, neat upgrade from episode one.

Those Oyoyoy voices gave me the creeps.

Made a full gameplay video

Good job

I really liked that this was longer than the first episode. I got to explore the town as the story unfolded, which was great btw! Great pacing and the atmosphere was soo good! Please keep these coming! I love the One-Way Ticket series!!

Those noises got me so weak lol. I definitely had a decnt fright too. I like the asthetic of these games. Keep it up!


See our full review here; (#2)

Played both Ep.1 & Ep.2... A Masterful piece of art and spookiness :d You even had JESUS in the game...

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